21 dBi, 65°, 0-6°, High Efficiency

CellMax offers the only true 21 dBi, 65°, 0-6° tilt antenna (1710-2170MHz) on the market, only 2-meter in length. Our patented technology eliminates energy losses in the antenna, which means that it deliver maximum gain while maintaining all other parameters intact. This includes both radio pattern stability as well as fully maintained USLS throughout the full tilt range.

The 21dBi, 65°, 0-6° antenna increase geographical coverage by over 40% compared to standard antennas available, reducing the number of base stations needed to cover the same geographical area by over 30% compared to standard antennas available.

The technology has been developed to maximise the gain latent in the antenna.

The patented feed network has also lead to improved performance on key parameters reducing interference in general.

The technology provides highest possible energy efficiency in the antenna feed network, which is superior to traditional antennas that have inherent limitations in achieving ultra high gain due to poor energy efficiency.



Rosenberger acquires majority in CellMax

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG, today announced that it has acquired a majority stake in CellMax


CellMax offers mobile operators to dramatically improve network performance. The CellMax antenna technology unveils significant energy and signal waste inherent in the traditional antenna.

The waste reduction from a CellMax antenna is so great that it provides the operator with dramatically improved network performance (more output power and less interference) and hence more revenues.

The high efficiency antenna technology from CellMax has set a new standard for network design around the world.
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